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Nellie Tiger Travis






On August 4th Emerald Storm confirmed they would be playing the Concert for Malawi.

 Emerald Storm is an instrumental rock fusion band, driven by hard rock guitar playing of Rendell Gary. Emerald Storm was founded in 2000 by Idell Brown (bass), and Rendell Gary. Later on Mr. Shannon Uzzle came in on drums and Mr. David Turner on Percussions. The band offers a unique sound of its own. Mostly being guitar driven, it crosses the lines of Satriani, Vai, and some Santana. The album Egyptian Sunrise was composed to give a sound of the Egyptians getting together with an african tribe to create the ultimate dimensional rock jams. Since the birth of Emerald Storm, 5 years ago, the band has recorded a second CD, which will be ready for release in the near future. The guitarist, Rendell Gary has been playing guitar since the age of 12, his influences include Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Yngwie Malmsteen. Mr. Shannon Uzzle, who is a drum god adds to Emerald Storms sound. With his bashing, thunderish drumming, he completes the driven force behind Emerald Storm's powerful sound. Emerald Storms sound is a sound you do not want to miss, if you are into heavy rock guitar, you don't want to miss the storm. -Emerald Storm





On July 10th Blues Empacts announced they would be playing at the Concert for Malawi

Blues Empacts is one of Virginia’s most respected and acclaimed blues bands, and the Concert for Malawi is proud to have such distinguished veterans of the state music scene on its bill.  The Empacts have entertained crowds across the state for many years, most recently at Hampton's Bay Days.  This experienced team of bluesmen includes Ed Funn on lead guitar along with Larry Williams on drums, Bob Albergotti on harmonica, “Dirty Red” on vocals, and Bill Kelly on bass.  Rumor has it that a special guest vocalist may be appearing along side the Empacts at the Concert.  If you’re hungry for some classic blues from some fellas who know it the best, be sure to check out Blues Empacts.     




Lara Simms

On September 14 American Idol Lara Simms agreed to Sing at the Concert for Malawi.


On August 1st Warm accepted an invitation to play at the Concert for Malawi



Featuring former Red Metric skins basher MoeyG on drums, former Totemhead small string shredder Rob Lenhart on guitar, and former (before they were) 7 Mary 3 big string shredder Mike Ribeiro on bass, Warm has recently decided to move out of the Pit and on to the stage.  Warm is the collision of bluesy riff-rock, melodic trip-rock, and dynamic prog-rock.”  Warm has recently left the studio and has returned to the stage.  They’ll be bringing their well crafted sound public in a big way on October 21.



On July 1st Sideshow Addiction announced they would be playing at the Concert for Malawi


Combining the detached cool of rock’s great jam bands with some hometown pride, Sideshow Addiction has performed to packed audiences across the Peninsula.  Their set includes classic Grateful Dead covers as well as original compositions.  The slick grooves of Sideshow’s rhythm section (Casey Bishop-bass, Brian Webb-drums) keep the dance floor crowded while the licks and riffs of Tim “Chunky” Sheffield (lead guitar, locals) and James Drake (rhythm guitar, vocals) continue to wow listeners.  Sideshow Addiction is fast becoming a fixture of the Peninsula music scene, and the group is promising yet another memorable performance at the Concert.    



Riyen Michael and Friends

On August 1st Riyen Michael Agreed to play at the Concert for Malawi

Riyen Michael describes himself as a "musician on a mission."  As an artist, he combines his passion for helping others with his interest in a diverse and eclectic array of musical styles to create a sound that is both heartfelt and palatable.  Riyen works hard to ensure that his music is not only entertaining but thought-provoking and introspective.  His command of multiple genres of music makes him a truly versatile artist, one who tries actively to "channel" rock's greatest artists in his own performance.  His enthusiasm for good music and noble causes makes him a perfect fit for the Concert for Malawi.      





On August 8th 8-Track became the 6th Band to join the Concert for Malawi

Bubbling up from the underground jam scene of Virginia Beach and Norfolk the members of 8-track have come together in the name of fun, creativity, and musical soul to form a group unlike anything currently in the regional music scene. 8-Track’s music is instantly recognizable with its flowing movements and rich textured rocking tones. The varied styles of 8-Tracks members give 8-Track a complex tone which verges on indescribable. Kyle Hills’ Hard rocking background married with Dave Moore’s modal experimentation are glued together by Cory Potrafka’s understated melodic genius on keyboards and harmonica. The rhythm is held down by the Henning Brothers Bruce (bass guitar) and Chris (drums). 8 Track is a band whose songs seem to roll together in a never ending tapestry of improv and structure. An uninducted listener often cannot tell where the song ends and the creative improvisational flow begins. One thing is certain with 8-Tracks music all paths lead to a musical bliss that will only be heard that way on the night you are hearing it.


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